Why Is Butter HEALTHY For You

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 11:12am by Joana

Why is butter beneficial?


For a time butter was unfairly attributed with the adjective a “hazardous product” for consumption. It’s really quite fat, 1 g contains 7.29 kCal, but calories are not always harmful to the body, and if we take into account that, at least for sandwiches, we use a small amount, then it is not so much. It is known for milk fats in butter to possess biological prized qualities, they give the body energy and warmth and the utility of vitamins present in it is not necessary to be underlined.

They affect the normal growth of bones, improve the type and condition of the skin and hair.

The benefit of butter is a result, among other things, of the presence of phospholipids. These are complex fats, components of all living cells, nerve fibers, and participate in the transport of fats, fatty acids and cholesterol. Thus, the presence of phospholipids in the butter makes it even more useful.

Butter is beneficial for people who suffer from indigestion in the stomach, and is especially useful for children.


To conclude – butter is not harmful. Like everything else, butter also, with moderate intake can only bring only benefits to the body.

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