When the lights are on it’s just an ordinary room, but when the lights go down…UNBELIEVABLE!

Posted on Jan 26 2014 - 11:56am by Joana

The very talented artist Bogi Fabian is engaged in different kinds of art: painting, sculpture, modeling, design, furniture, and even body art. Big deal, you say.

There are many artists who deal with such things. But in addition to the above, Bogi Fabian is able to create invisible drawings.

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian 1

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian - bogi painting on ceiling

Hungaran artist Bogi Fabian has found an interesting way of painting walls, which gives the rooms a completely new visual identity. The goal is to create a unique experience that will allow people to enjoy in their homes in a different way.

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- underwater bedroom

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- blue bedroom

The thirst for art creation was seen in this girl ever since her early childhood. After graduating from art school Bogi began to experiment with different styles: classical painting techniques combined with graphics, 3D-design. After a trip to Italy a new period began in her work marked by a unique approach to mural painting and interior design. Her “night” patterns discovered a new facet of visual perception.

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- space

The artist Bogi Fabian, originating in Hungary, uses incredible palette of colors that bring to life every wall that she has painted it over and look like they are not from this world. Fabian uses UV paint to fill the room with hidden murals, which are not visible in daylight, but in a special light come alive and in no time they take you in an unreal world.

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian 2

“Painting walls with this technique, I try to create an atmosphere like from a dream and to show my art in an interesting way, with or without source of light. The observer can experience the result of my work during the day, or overnight, when it looks completely different. My aim is to create unique spaces and give them identity and soul. So the stay in an ordinary living room or bedroom becomes an interesting and amazing experience, “said the artist.

glowing-dark-interior-bogi-fabian-sea animals


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