Types of VEGETABLES Oils

Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 2:55pm by Joana

    Vegetable oils can be in liquid or solid form, refined, unrefined and cold pressed.These oils are generally healthy for the human body, but unfortunately, they decompose or oxidize on higher teperature, and that is what is harmful. There are many vegetable oils, but most common are sunflower and olive oil.

Sunflower oil

sunflower oil Sunflower oil possesses the best activity of all vitamin oils because tocopherol (vitamin E) found in this oil is best adopted by the body. Sunflower oil has the ability, according to nutritionists, to reduce cholesterol and therefore they recommend it. Vitamin E is also called aging fighter, but also positively affects the skin and hair. Besides vitamin E, sunflower oil contains vitamins F, A, D, and K.

Olive oil

oliv oil As a rule olive oil is considered most beneficial. This oil is best adopted by the body and that is why nutritionists recommend it especially to people who have stomach problems. This oil boosts the function of the pancreas and the liver. It is useful even for children because it helps in the formation of the nervous system, but also provides proper development of bone tissue. Because of its nutritional value this oil is also called “liquid gold.” It lowers cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease, but also strengthens the heart muscles and improves the quality of hair and nails.


Flaxseed oil

flaxseed-oilBy the nutritional values ​​only olive oil is before this oil. The main oil for vegetarians should be flaxseed oil. This oil contains twice as much unsaturated fatty acids as compared to fish oil. It has the capacity to normalize the work of the stomach, it is useful in gastritis and as prophylaxis in diseases of the thyroid gland.

Walnuts oil

walnuts oil 2
This oil is obtained by cold pressing of the nuts and is very common in Asian cuisine. With this oil you can refine salads and also it can be used for preparing sauces.

Mustard seeds oil

Mustard seeds oilMustard oil was known centuries ago and was called “imperial oil” because only emperors had the privilege to consume this oil. In this oil are absolutely present all the vitamins that dissolve in oil (vitamins A, E, K and R), and only this oil contains carotene.

Corn oil

corn oilCorn oil contains twice as much vitamin E as compared with sunflower oil. The vitamin E reduces cholesterol in the blood, increases immunity and slows aging.

Soybean oil

soybean oil By the content of microelements soybean oil is an absolute champion. Refined soybean oil has a distinctive sour taste and smell, so typically is used refined oil. The use of soybean oil affects male potency, the condition of the skin and protects against heart disease.

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