Treat Cancer Naturally – The Amazing Herb That KILLS CANCER in Just 40 Days!

Posted on Dec 18 2014 - 12:38am by Joana

The 21st century finds an increasing number of people using natural and less-drug oriented therapies.  Alternative medicine is based on the use of remedies given by the nature and it relies on the idea that our health can be improved by bringing our body’s energy in a state of harmony.

Through the years people found many ways to use natural ingredients as medicines, and some of them are popular even today. Due to high costs of pharmaceutical therapies, people often rely on the power of nature when it comes to serious diseases as well. One of them is cancer. Many successful stories prove the fact that people can treat cancer naturally.

Different plants have been used in the process treating cancer naturally and many of them were proven effective. For instance, according to several researches, there is a plant so called ‘cancer killer’, but not many of us are aware of its existence.

The original name of the plant is ‘thunder god vine’ or ‘lei gong Teng’ and it has been used many years ago in Chinese medicine to treat many diseases, among which rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.


However, the effects of this plant were proven by tests conducted on mice that suffered from pancreas cancer. 40 days after being treated with this plant, the mice showed no traces of cancer. Being surprised by the results, the researchers set another goal- to test the effects of this plant on people.

This research was followed by another one, conducted at the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer center. The new research proved that this plant has the power to completely kill cancer cells within only 40 days. Moreover, experts explained this miracle as a result of the high concentration of triptolide in this plant. Namely, triptolide has been identified as very effective in treating cancer.

However, this plant is not the only natural cancer killer. Independent scientists claim that the secret of curing cancer lies in different natural ingredients, which are easily available to everyone. These statements are a serious threat to the pharmaceutical companies, which charge high prices for their drugs.

In many instances, these companies accepted the benefits of some natural ingredients, and they always found a way to create drugs out of them, patent them and in that way force the consumers to pay a lot for the same.

These procedures are not clearly regulated by the FDA, and it that sense, pharmaceutical companies still have a huge power. At this point, it is up to the consumers to make the proper decision when it comes to therapy selection.

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