She Decided To Tattoo Her Own Face … And The Result Will SHOCK YOU! (VIDEO)

Posted on Jan 22 2014 - 1:53pm by Joana

A professional tattoo artist of Canada uses her art to cover and beautify scars from burns to the body of her clients, but also of her own.

Basma Hameed works in a clinic in Toronto and had this idea when she wanted to change the look on the marks and scars of her very own body seriously burned when she was 2 years old.

This prompted Hameed to indulge in tattooing scars and wounds on the body of her customers, and having the proper training, she applied the knowledge her first patient – herself.

When she realized how good she is in psychology, she decided to do the same for any other burn victim who was in need of something.

The tattoo with the meaning of “permanent makeup” improves the aesthetic surgery, hiding scars and marks. This treatment improves the skin pigmentation points having permanently damaged by applying the dye directly in scar, so that any sign is no longer evident.

See the unique work of Basma Hameed in the video below with special tribute by the CBC News network.

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