INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Brave And Loving FATHER Revealed His Daughter’s Bullies In Public And Became An INSTANT Hit On YouTube!

Posted on Jan 29 2014 - 12:35pm by Joana

Angry and shocked father decided to the names of the bullies who insulted his daughter with racist words through a video on YouTube.

Bradley Knudson who lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota, recorded messages of his adopted African-American daughter, which she received through Snapchat and published them on YouTube. He did it, he says, out of desperation and because he wanted to convey the message that racism should not be tolerated.

Knudson has filmed a five-minute YouTube video that is not edited and emotional and it reveals the stress of insults his family is having, especially his wife, Wendy, and he.

In the video he reveals that he made contact with the parents of the two twins who insulted his daughter with racist words, only to be given the responce that they do not see anything wrong with that. Moreover, in a later call the father of the twin boys called Bradley and insulted him.

That was the last straw and Knudson threatened the father that he will reveal their names on social networks, and when he got the answer “I do not care”, so he did.

The name of the boys’ father is Darren Puro, they live in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

FOX 13 has found out that later Puro got fired from his job after Knudson’s YouTube video became viral. This video currently has nearly 6.4 million views.

A week and a half ago the 13-year-old son of Bradley’s good friends committed suicide because of to bullying. That’s when Bradley realized that he and his wife can not have something like that on their heads, their daughter to consider the worst.

We would like to give our greatest support to this brave and loving father who had the courage enough to speak publicly on this matter. Racism is something which must not be tolerated anywhere, anytime. Well done Bradley Knudson.

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