Hilarious Conversation Of Two Baby Twins! Can You Understand What They’re Saying?!

Posted on Dec 22 2013 - 1:43am by Joana

Sometimes it seems that babies speak their own language that adults do not understand, and when more children are found that chat with each other, it may seem to us like they are having a heated debate on something that they alone understand.

The two 17-month-old brothers Sam and Ren from Brooklyn, NY, became especially popular in the whole world.

The video with the twins turned into a real media phenomenon – university professors were hired by the American television ABC to interpret what these immature boys are really saying. And who are Sam and Ren? Not only they, but also their parents unexpectedly became stars in the US media. The whole family was invited in the show Good Morning America, where mom Abbey and dad Randy McEntee said they uploaded the video on YouTube.

See the hilarious argument of these two lovely twins in the video that has become a classic on YouTube! 🙂

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