Filipino Taro Root And Coconut Milk Dessert

Posted on Nov 17 2013 - 11:28pm by Joana

The Philippines is rich with delicious native specialties which attract tourists from all around the world. In case you haven’t been there, here is one amazing dessert which will surely enchant you and inspire you to go to this beautiful country.

To prepare this dessert you need the next ingredients:

Also you will need:

  • Few wilted banana leaves
  • Kitchen twine

Filipino Taro Root And Coconut Milk Dessert

Instructions for preparation and cooking:

  1. Combine thoroughly the raw taro root with the coconut milk and brown sugar. Put a non-stick frying pan over medium heat, pour this mixture and cook it for about 6 minutes, while constantly stirring.
  2. Reduce the heat of the stove. Continue to cook the mixture for 10 more minutes.
  3. After this time has passed, add in the coconut milk. Cook the mixture over medium heat for another 20 minutes. Once again, don’t forget to stir the mixture constantly.
  4. Take the coconut shells and pour the mixture into them. In the center of the mixture make space and put the egg yolk in it.
  5. Cover the top of the coconut shell with the taro root mixture. Spread the mixture smoothly using a wooden spatula. Make sure that the mixture is close to the coconut shell.
  6. Use two wilted banana leaves to cover the entire coconut shell. Tie the leaves tightly using a kitchen twine.
  7. Place the shells in a food steamer and steam the mixture for about 30 minutes.
  8. Don’t keep everyone waiting so serve the coconut shells immediately.

Enjoy this delicious dessert! 🙂

Cooking tip:

If you have difficulties finding coconut shells, you can use small cereal bowls.


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