7 Natural Ways To Relieve You From Stress!

Posted on Dec 8 2014 - 1:53am by Joana

In today’s time for most people is a problem how to reconcile or harmonize with their own stress. From the moment we open our eyes, until we lie down in bed, rare are those situations where stress is not an integral part. What poses a special problem is the fact that chronic stress leads to various diseases.

Chronic stress occurs as a result to constant stressful situations in a given period of time. No living person hasn’t been able to deal with chronic stress without facing certain health problems sooner or later.

This stress is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, stroke, anxiety, depression, poor immunity and increased risk of various diseases such as CANCER. In equal measure it affects the brain functions. People suffering from chronic stress often report problems with memory and daily functioning. This is surely not the way you want to live right?

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Instead of wasting money on expensive medications and doctors who will only try to manipulate you, why not try some natural ways which may help you get rid of stress and live your life healthy, strong and very happy. It’s best to experiment with each of them and find out which suits you best.


Ideally, people should spend at least half an hour five times a week exercising, yet every kind of physical activity helps.


On the back of your neck there are two points known as the “gates of the mind” which can ease up your stress and clear your mind. In addition, pressing these points can help you prevent headaches.

To do this you should tilt your head back and put your thumbs, below the base of your skull. You should press these two spots gently and firmly. As you press them, take 3 to 5 slow and deep breaths. Finish this exercise with floating your hands into your lap and your chin down to your chest. Take another deep breath, and briefly observe your body and see how you feel after the activity.

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Stand calm and still

You have surely seen people practicing tai chi in a public park or in a class, so you know that its defining characteristics are: grace, balance, and groundedness. When practicing forms of tai chi in slow motion, you enable healthy flow of the qi energy, throughout your whole body. This way you improve the balance of your body, enhance your coordination and focus, as well as build strength while reducing your stress.

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Numerous studies have shown that listening to music, especially classical, will surely help you to unwind and quite improve your mood.


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