When the lights are on it’s just an ordinary room, but when the lights go down…UNBELIEVABLE!

Posted on Jan 26 2014 - 11:56am by Joana

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian 3

Talented artist has been interested in painting amazing murals. Many of her works are nothing special, until you turn off the light. And then, within the room, suddenly there is a true microcosm, the contemplation of which leaves no one indifferent.

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian-under the sea

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- ocean corals

Bogi Fabian can draw her works in three ways: normal “day” drawings; painting, which can be seen only with the aid of UV-rays or images printed with phosphorescent paint. Thus, after the light is turned off viewers suddenly find themselves surrounded by luminous stars and cosmic clouds.

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian - universe

Many of these rooms look like a completely normal bedrooms. But when the lights go out, suddenly you are found in the middle of the universe, surrounded by stars and cosmic clouds or you observe the waterfall that springs from the ceiling until it is shone by the moonlight …

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- bogi painting on floor

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- roses

Take a look at these marvelous murals.

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian-underwater images

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- psychedelic painting

This girl with the help of a brush, paint and imagination creates magic. Her wall paintings are like a fairy tale or the magical world in which you would like to sink. When the light is bright her murals are special, but when the lights go off appears…

Glowing-murals-by-Bogi-Fabian- Bogi painting on wall


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