Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 12:25am by Joana

Double chin is a problem with which many men and women are facing today. The most common reasons for double chin are aging and heredity. To get rid of double chin you don’t necessarily need to schedule a plastic surgery. Instead you can try these simple and easy exercises which can help you solve the problem with ease.

On the video below are shown three simple exercises for jowls. The footage shows Elaine Bartlett who is the 48-year-old founder of Faceworks. She has never had any cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery. Do these exercises every day in the course of two weeks and you will see the results. The important thing to do is not over extending or clenching your jaw. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any pain or pressure on your main jaw joint, the ears or the back of your neck.

Here is what you need to do:
1. First tilt your head backwards and slightly stick out your lower jaw, so that you feel that the neck muscles tighten. Count to 10. Slowly move your head forward few inches, and again lean back. Repeat this movement 20 times and do it slowly so that you feel that your muscles tighten. Tilt your head just back and forward, do not twist your neck to the side. The key point is the area under the chin, here is where you should feel tension.
2. When you have finished this exercise, relax your neck, put your head down so that you feel that your muscles are relaxed. Again, tilt your head back and stick out the lower jaw. Hold this position to the count of ten.
3. Return your head to the starting position and now slowly lift your chin up with slow movements. The work on the muscles under your chin will not only tighten them, but with it will also gently fill the loose skin on your neck.

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