UNBELIEVABLE! The FIRST SKILL a BABY NEEDS to LEARN – Jumping Together with a Dog!

Posted on Dec 12 2013 - 10:57pm by Joana

Using a mixture of howling and baby language, the dog and the baby managed to achieve communication and to initiate a discussion, and what was the subject of their conversation – well, that my friends is something that only they know their.

It is not quite clear whether they are singing or just having a friendly chat. Whatever they do they will definitely make us laugh and entertain us. You can be sure about the good mood of all fans of the video by looking at the comments on YouTube. Even most viewers have compiled mini dialogues between the baby and the dog. Whether they are caused by something that they thought they heard while watching, or simply is the fruit of their great imagination, remains a mystery to us, but there are undoubtedly some good hits.

Enjoy watching this adorable video! 🙂

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