DON’t DO THIS at HOME!! This GUY ENJOYS 500 W Of Electricity Run Through His Body And He’s Perfectly OK!!!

Posted on Nov 17 2012 - 6:31pm by Joana

Superheroes and psychic powers have always been at the heart of science fiction stories; Spiderman, Superman, Flash, and others are among the most famous comic book characters. These are people who have special talents or skills, who can bend steel, cast webs or run faster. But do you really believe that these people exist only on paper? If yes, then you are wrong. Why there is a man in India who is immune to electricity.

Raj Mohan Nair is considered a superhuman, able to handle large electrical discharges, and he is able to turn lights on, appliances to work, and even more, for example, to generate enough electricity on a plate leaving it so hot, so that omelet can be prepared. According to a doctor his ability comes from his body being very durable, more than 10 times than an average human body.

Raj knew he had this ability, because when he was very small he tried to kill himself in a power plant, when he clung to a transformer but nothing happened to him! I know you’re in doubt, so watch this incredible video. What you are about to see, although it appears as a trick, you can be sure it’s real!

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