TOP 7 COOLEST TRICKS You Can Use In Your Kitchen To WOW Everybody!

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 10:00pm by Joana

The kitchen is a place where besides preparing delicious food and delighting your loved ones with your specialties, you can also be very creative and cool. We would like to show you some awesome tips and tricks with which you can make your time in the kitchen fun and entertaining.

Make transparent ice cubes

Here is a cool way how to have fun with ice cubes. The usual cloudy ice cubes are made with room temperature or clear water. If you use boiling water instead, they will be transparent.

clear and cloudy ice cubes

Preserve herbs for later use

There is no need to throw away your herbs when you can use them anytime you like. Just chop them into small bits and put them in an ice cube tray with olive oil. This way you can use your frozen herbs anytime you need them for cooking.  

preserve herbs with ice cube tray and olive oil

The easiest way to hull strawberries

Here is a cool, fast and easy way to hull strawberries. Just take a straw and push it down the strawberry. The leaves will come right out easily.

Make noodles out of zucchini

Instead of making pasta every other night, try being unique and make funny noodles out of zucchini, better known as zoodles. To make them just use a spiral slicer. This way instead of cooking the usual pasta every night, you can now prepare an original dish which is also healthier.

making zoodles with spiral slicer

Surprise your kids with ice cream made of frozen yogurt

This trick is easy as it gets. All you need to do is take a pack of yogurt, pierce it with a popsicle stick and freeze. Next thing to do is to call your kids few hours later and make them very happy 🙂

ice cream with frozen yogurt and popsicle sticks

Easily remove corn kernels of the ear

We all know how much boring cleaning corn can be. Here is a clever way how to remove the kernels of the ear without them falling everywhere around you 🙂 Just take a piece of corn and place it into the center hole of a bundt pan and cut it. This way all the kernels will fall into the pan.

remove corn kernels with bundt pan

Check if your eggs are still fresh

There is nothing more frustrating than using a bad egg. But, there is a way how you can check if an egg is still fresh. Just put it in a glass with water. If it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh. If one end of the egg rises a little bit, it’s good, but not fresh. If the egg floats, then it’s bad and should not be used.

testing if an egg is fresh with glass of water

Easy Taco shells in no time

Feeling the need for a hot Mexican dinner but you don’t have any crispy Taco shells…Worry not, because there is a solution. Just take soft shells and bake them upside down on the oven rack.

Taco shells on oven rack

Ready for pancakes all the time

No one can resist delicious pancakes. The hard thing is waiting for them while you prepare them. But, you can significantly reduce the time of making pancakes by preparing the batter in advance and store in an empty ketchup bottle. This way you are always ready for pancakes 🙂

instant pancake batter in a ketchup bottle

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