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Probably many of us know the harmful effects of smoking, however we consciously do not give up of this habit, because we enjoy more smoking a cigarette, rather than worrying about our health.

With 4,000 harmful chemicals in each cigarette, every time you inhale the smoke into the lungs, it hurts your body, face, teeth and skin, etc. claims Peter Selby, clinical director of the program for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

This Is What Happens With Your Body When You Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is not easy at all. It requires strong faith and a huge amount of positivity and enthusiasm. If you want to stop, but you are not strong enough yet, look what happens to your body just 20 minutes after a person stops smoking. Perhaps the following information will help you to quit this harmful habit forever.

  • For twenty minutes, the blood pressure comes down to normal.
  • For eight hours the level of carbon monoxide (which is a poisonous gas) in the blood system reduces by half, while oxygen levels will normalize.
  • In 2 days, the chances of having a heart attack decrease. All nicotine leaves the body and senses of taste and smell normalize.
  • In 2-and-a-half days, the respiratory system becomes relaxed and the energy increases.
  • In 2 weeks the blood circulation increases and it continues to improve over the next ten
  • For three to nine months, heavy breathing, coughing and general problems with the respiratory organs decrease due to increasment of the capacity of the lungs by ten percent.
  • In one year the risk of having a heart attack decreases twice as much.
  • In five years, the risk of suffering a stroke becomes the same as in non-smokers.
  • In ten years, the chance of having lung cancer becomes the same as for non-smokers.
  • In fifteen years a person has an equal risk of suffering a heart attack as well as any other non-smoker.

What do you think, is it worth to quit smoking? The choice and the consequences of it are yours.

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