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Dried fruits and nuts are a real concentrate of energy and nutrients, and since they contain vitamins and minerals, you should used them as a dietary food. The difference between nuts dried fruits is in the amount they contain.

Therefore, instead eating them after the meal, it is better to consume them as a “energy spoon”during breakfast.

dried fruits and nuts

Concentrated vitamins

Dried fruits can lose vitamin C and folic acid because during the process of drying fruit loses water. However, other vitamins still remain in the same amount, or in a large amount even though the fruit was dried.

Dried fruits and nuts especially, contain a lot of vitamin E, a powerful natural antioxidant, and vitamin B6, which positively effects your nervous system and helps maintaining a good mood.

Great blend of minerals

All dried fruits are very rich with potassium, which is useful for muscles, heart and nervous system; magnesium, an essential mineral for proper absorption of calcium and hormonal balance; phosphorus, which stimulates mental functions. In addition, dried fruits are an excellent source of iron, which provides physical and mental energy and is used to fight anemia.

Dried fruits and nuts contain no cholesterol

Dried fruits contain no fat, while nuts contain no cholesterol.

Good for those who are on a diet

Dieticians assure us that dried fruit, if consumed in moderate amounts, is ideal for losing weight.

Walnuts every day for 2 reasons:

• Prevent cancer and protect the heart

• For an excellent and healthy skin

Tasty fruits and nuts with great value

Apricots – defeat bad mood and contain a lot of vitamin B

Peanuts – soften small wrinkles and are rich with copper

Pistachios – fight free radicals – good source of antioxidants

Almonds – contribute to healthy teeth, hair and nails – also rich in calcium

Hazelnuts – regulate the menstrual cycle – a good source of phytic acid

Plums – stimulating the bowel – have a lot cellulose

Dates – help to beat fatigue – contain a lot of sugar 

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