THE DOCTORS Were WRONG. Real MIRACLE Happened in my Life! Never GIVE UP!

Posted on Dec 27 2014 - 4:15pm by Joana

Meet Arthur Boorman. A paratrooper and veteran of the Gulf war, serving his country with loyalty and patriotism. His life receives a tragic tinge 15 year ago when Arthur hurt his spine and knees due to too many jumps which led him to become an invalid. Soon his body weight rapidly began to rise. It got to the point that Boorman lost his motor skills and the wheelchair became the only way for him to see the world outside.


…Doctors did not give Arthur a shadow of chance that he would walk again. For almost 15 years he heard the same thing: you will never walk on your own. For all these years, Arthur had lost hope for a better tomorrow, until an incident in which his soul kindled the flame of hope.

Sport brought back the desire to live in Arthur 15 years later – at a time when all hope in him was already extinguished. Yoga instructor begins to actively deal with him and gradually awakens his faith in life and most importantly, himself. “He believed in me when everyone had surrendered. Including me,” says Boorman.

Arthur through his iron self-discipline and persistence in achieving goals, won a heroic victory of crossing the human barrier. Even the best-chosen words are not able to fully capture all the excitement of this incredible story, so I encourage you to spend five minutes and travel through the pain, suffering and final victory over something seemingly unattainable.

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