The Best Way to Get Around in Rome

Posted on Jan 31 2022 - 7:00pm by Joana

Let’s start with the fundamentals of transportation. You’ve arrived in Rome and are looking for a way to get from point A to point B.
What are your choices? You can walk, take the bus, or the metro, or a combination of the three, or hire a taxi or car service.

  • Metro 

The Metro is Rome’s equivalent of the subway system in the United States, and it is the quickest mode of transportation within the city. The A Line (orange), the B Line (blue), and the C Line (green) are the three subterranean metro lines in Rome (green). Tickets cost 1.5 euros and may be purchased in newsstands, cigarette stores, and vending machines throughout the metro system.

  • Bus 

ATAC, the city of Rome’s Bus and Tramway Company, operates buses in Rome. 
You can ride to most regions of Rome for only 1.5 euros. 
Buses are frequently overcrowded, and some make many stops, so travel can be delayed at times.
Your ticket is valid for 100 minutes, and you can use it on as many buses, trams, and metro lines as you want during that time. 
Tickets are available from cigarette shops and bus terminals. yellow sign (Fermata) identifies bus stops by displaying the bus numbers that stop there. 
  • Hop on – Hop off Buses

Hop-on/hop-off (Ho-Ho) buses, which are open-top double-decker buses, are popular alternative to city and tour buses. 
The number of these buses has exploded in recent years, with at least seven separate companies operating at the time of this writing.
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