“MY FATHER LIED TO ME” – Invest Just 1 Minute of Your Precios Time To Learn The Most Important Lesson In Your Life! RESPECT!

Posted on Feb 7 2014 - 1:57pm by Joana

How much do you love your dad? Is he the person you admire? What is he to you? Is he a superhero, or maybe a friend? Take your time and carefully think about your relationship with your father. A father is willing to do anything, to give his kids the opportunity for having a bright future and a childhood they deserve. Your father might not be the most handsome father in the world, or he might not have a whole fortune, but now that he will do anything to make you feel the happiest person ever because he knows that a child’s future is worth every sacrifice.

This video is full of emotions, it will make you question about many things you have done to your father.  After watching it, it will be more than clear that your father did everything he could to make you happy. It will make you cry because you will realize that if your father could not give you something you wanted at the moment it was because he really did not have anything left in his pockets to provide it for you. His pockets might have been empty, but his heart was always full of love, affection and care for you.

Our fathers do impossible things to provide the best lives for us. They do things we cannot even imagine, but they never show, or say the things they have gone through to make our wish come true, because they feel it is their obligation to make their kids happy no matter what. They know that a child’s future is worth every sacrifice, they know that they are the ones responsible for their kids’ future.  If there was even one time in your life that you disrespected your father for any reason, be brave and apologize and tell him that you made a huge mistake by disrespecting him, because that is the last thing he deserves. Tell him how much you love him; every father wants to hear that from his kids.

Spend time with him because you do not know what the future holds. Maybe there might not be another time to thank him about all the sacrifices he did throughout his life to make you happy, there might not be another time for you to sit next to him and say “I love you dad”, or just take a walk with him while remembering all the good, happy moments from your childhood.

Remember that you still do not know all the things he did because he knew his kid had to have a happy childhood, he knew that a child’s future is worth every sacrifice.

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