HOW TO STOP the BAD BREATH In a Few Easy And Natural Ways!

Posted on Jan 1 2015 - 4:56pm by Joana

Undoubtedly bad breath is an unpleasant and very bad thing for every person. Sometimes this situation in the mouth can make us feel ashamed.

We all know that sugar harms our teeth and palate. But if there are groceries which can harm, there must be those who are good and beneficial for the health of the oral cavity. Here is a list of several that protect the teeth and reduce bad breath.

bad breath


Yogurt with no added sugar prevents bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Volunteers consumed yogurt every day for six months, and measurements showed that the level of hydrogen sulfide decreased by 80 percent. Also the level of tartar and appearance of gingivitis was decreased.


The essential oil extracted from cinnamon is an effective destroyer of bacteria in the mouth that produce hydrogen sulfid (smell of rotten eggs). Tests have shown that if you chew cinnamon it will destroy 50% of all oral bacteria and 40% of those that cause bad breath! In the same category is placed also tea with cinnamon.


Tea, particularly black tea is incredibly useful in the fight against bacteria that cause dental scale. It limits the possibilities of an enzyme that converts sugar into an adhesive layer and prevents collection of bacteria on the teeth. Tea because it helps fight cavities and periodontitis.


While it is quite sweet and sugary, still, the phyto chemicals that are present in it prevent the development of several types of bacteria associated with caries and gum diseases. Oleic acid in raisins prevents the development of two types of bacteria and the formation of tartar.

Bark of magnolia

The extract from the bark of magnolia added to peppermint candy or chewing gum can destroy the bacteria that cause bad breath. Although many of the mint candies mask the smell, those containing magnolia bark too, destroyed more than 61% of germs in 30 minutes. Menthol candy destroyed only 3.6% of bacteria. Moreover, this extract also destroys bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Milk, cheese, nuts, chicken

All these products are rich in calcium and phosphorus, which in turn are necessary for nurturing the mineral tooth enamel damaged by acids.

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