How To Make Your Homemade Natural Shampoo!

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 1:59am by Joana

A lot of today’s high-end shampoos are made with toxic detergents such as the carcinogen sodium lauryl sulfate (which is also used in car engine degreasers) as well as propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is used for making aircraft deicing fluid and can cause hives or allergic reactions on your skin, EVEN IN SMALL DOSES!

If you regularly use conventional shampoos, you could be exposed to high doses of carcinogenic chemicals of which most people are not even aware that they exist.

Most consumers believe that the products from famous brands sold in reputable stores and have been tested for safety, but they should know that they could be exposed to very powerful carcinogenic agents every time they wash their hair.

Did you ever asked yourself why your scalp is still oily only a day after washing the hair with a usual shampoo bought in the store?

If you are concerned about dangerous chemicals in cosmetic products, then why not make some of them at home? Among the most dangerous items for personal hygiene are shampoos, because most of them contain carcinogens, so most doctors warn about their negative effects!

Although today’s manufacturers of cosmetics products have in their range countless articles which every woman can used to nurture her hair, still we offer you this simple and great recipe that you can use to make yourself natural  shampoo using products which are available and inexpensive.

The best with the homemade shampoo is that you know what you are putting on your hair, that is completely safe for your skin, and you can do it quickly and it is not at all expensive.

With only few simple and cheap, natural ingredients: water, olive oil and liquid castile soap you can prepare your own quite effective natural shampoo and ensure your hair a safe and natural care.

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Here is this great video explaining how to make your own homemade shampoo and make your hair look amazing with it.

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