How to Grow Buckets Full of Blueberries at Home

Posted on Mar 13 2015 - 12:13pm by Joana

Extra tips:

  • If you decide to grow blueberries in containers, know that the containers are cannot provide the adequate isolation from the cold, be sure to protect the blueberries during the winter period.
  • In mid – to late October, bury your blueberry containers in the ground. Find a spot where you think the snow can accumulate during the winter. By doing this you will protect the plants from the cold winter winds.
  • Mulch the soil surface with 4-8 inches of straw in mid – November or cover the bushes with burlap.
  • Build a fence to protect the blueberry plants from rabbits and chickens. Put it around the plants.
  • During the mid – spring, remove the containers from the ground, and place them in full sun, or you can leave the containers buried in the ground as long as they have the proper drainage holes where the plant can get the needed sunlight and heat.

This is how to Prune Blueberries, a post from Ohio State University:

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