Hosting Events at your hotel will increase booking

Posted on Oct 19 2021 - 12:17pm by Joana

Do you want to take your bookings for your hotel and resort to the next level? Continue reading if you’re ready to unlock your property’s live event potential and boost your booking earnings. Here are three crucial strategies to help you succeed in this fast expanding business.


Thinking outside the box is essential

Do you have a lovely terrace that retreat hosts could utilize for a group yoga session?
Do you have a huge conference room that can accommodate large gatherings of people?
Perhaps you have a lovely garden or lawn space that would take the breath away from an event planner or retreat host.
Traditional or wholly non-traditional and unique places might be created.

The trick is to think outside the box. That’s how you’ll come up with innovative methods to use your boutique hotel’s areas and sell them.
There’s always a creative method to present your area in a way that an event organizer or host will appreciate!
They make reservations when they like an event place.

For events have a Skilled Team Assistant 

For each event, having person who works one-on-one with clients and customers can be game-changer.
If your hotel’s typical guests are singles, couples, or small groups, having someone in charge of larger groups makes things go more smoothly.

Choosing the right lead person to handle every last detail for your  hotel or resort can be huge help. 
When group feels like you’ve truly collaborated with them by taking care of all of the key aspects, their ratings and referrals will help you book live events for years to come.

Spread the word about what you have to offer 

What’s the name of your lovely dining room or restaurant? Spread the word! If you have a beautiful seashore or garden for a wedding, make the most of it.

With a dedicated webpage and a slew of social media postings, start putting these excellent places front and center when marketing for group bookings.
Make a list of all the highlights and features of the space that make your boutique hotel the ideal location for the experience that these event attendees seek.
How can they book it if they don’t know what you have to offer?


So, are you ready to take control of your  bookings  and maximize the booking potential of your boutique hotel or resort?

This is where The M.I.C.E Maker steps out.  The M.I.C.E Maker Platform can assist in transforming your resort into well-known brand that is consistently booked throughout the year.


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