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I personally had this experience when I bought my new juicer for which you don’t have to cut the fruit to make fresh juice. I was making an orange juice, washed the oranges and use them with the peel.

After 2 hours me, my mother, my husband and my 2-year old child end up in the hospital getting infusion therapy!

When you’re making an orange juice, you must not use the peel of the oranges if you do not want to end up in the hospital!

Oranges are sprayed with various pesticides and fungicides to keep them fresh for a long time during their transport and storage. The most common used are: Imazalil, orthophenylphenate, thiabendazole and others. In addition to these toxic agents also the orange peel is coated with oil, beeswax or resin.

orange cut in half

What is Imazalil?

Imazalil is produced in the United States and is used against molds and fungi. This fungicide is developmental and reproductive toxin, carcinogenic, and harmful to the environment.

What is a safe level?

Quantities of toxins in oranges vary from fruit to fruit and depend on the supplier and provider. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has set the security restrictions for Imazalil, such as: for adults (70 kg) up to 2000 and for children (20 kg) 330 units daily. The tests showed that the maximum dose that a child can receive is 400 g oranges, and for an adult up to 600 gram a day. This certainly applies to fruit which is treated with pesticides and fungicides. Organic fruit can be eaten in large quantities.

If an orange contains toxic levels of 9 ug per 100 grams of oranges, then it is safe to eat them in large quantities. But in testing of over 700 samples imported from different distributors in America, were found toxic levels that ranged between 9 and 79.

Most pesticides are in the orange peel. So before use, you should wash them well and then peel off the skin. Because of their aromatic characteristics in many recipes is use orange zest. If the fruit is not of domestic production – do not use it!!!

When buying, if the oranges are treated with fungicides listed above, you will notice that they shine with unusual glow, it is slightly sticky to your fingers, and if you bring it to a lighter, a fleeting flame on the peel will appear.

Be careful with their use!



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