HOW A HOMELESS Man Spends $100! You Will NOT BELIEVE This!!!

Posted on Dec 1 2014 - 12:00pm by Joana

The social experiment of Josh Lynn Paler conquered the entire world, thanks to the generous action of the homeless with an enormous heart.

Josh gave the homeless Thomas $ 100 with the idea to follow him and see how he will spend the money. When Thomas entered the liquor store, Josh was disappointed, but still continued to follow him with the camera.

A pleasant surprise followed just a minute later, when in a park nearby Thomas started taking out food of the bag and giving it to other poor people.

Appalled by the generous action, Josh apologized to Thomas and gave him another $ 100.

In front of the camera Thomas told his life story how he ended up on the street due to variety of circumstances. Namely, he quit his job in order to take care of his stepfather who was ill with cancer. At that time he lived with his mother. Two weeks after his stepfather died, his mother died, and the building in which they lived was sold.

The story of Thomas touched many people and already has been created an account for donations on which in less than 24 hours arrived over $ 18,000.

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