EXOTIC And UNREAL – One Of The Most LUXURY YACHTS In The World – It Even Has Its Own Yacht Inside!

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 12:11pm by Joana

Over the years we saw the Italian ship company “CRN”, as creating some of the most beautiful yachts in the world such as Chopi Chopi, CRN Navetta 43 Lady Trudy and the 83 million worth mega yacht Aztec.

Now, shipbuilders along with their longtime partner and collaborator “Zuccon International Project”, made the first yacht in the world that includes navigable garage.

Dubbed J’ade, the super yacht is the smart “child” of CRN’s general manager Lambeto Tacoli, who always wanted to incorporate floating garages in his constructions.

The 60-meter long luxury yacht was one of the finalists in the category for best interior design in 2014, at the Monaco Yacht Show.  In 2013, J’ade won the award for the world’s best international yacht at the show.

To impress the rich and to be victorious in the battle for the most extravagant yacht in the world – it takes a lot of things. While the heliport, water parks and theaters are part of every super yacht, the Italian yacht reaches the top with more luxury.

The mega yacht J’ade of the Italian group Ferretti CRN, has a hydraulic passage in which can pass a ship eight meters long. The internal pool having 18,000 liters of water is filled and emptied for three minutes, allowing the vessel to enter the yacht without using a crane.

The yacht is designed with the slogan “Feel like you are one with the sea.” It has a capacity to accommodate a total of 10 guests in four cabins and one suite, intended for the host, as well as 13 crew members. Besides the impressive garage for boat, in it you can also enjoyed the hall for sports and recreation, sauna and aquarium. When you enter in the day room you will be met by a white piano. The interior is carefully furnished with sophisticated wood and furniture. What more can one possibly need? 🙂

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