Guide to Event Marketing

Posted on Feb 28 2022 - 5:52pm by Joana
  1. How to promote your destination  before  the event

    The idea is to persuade visitors that your city is more than just a backdrop for the event they wish to attend.
    Position your location as a place they’re lucky enough to visit, and encourage them to do so!


  2. How to promote your destination while the event is taking place 
    The goal is to provide guests with an unforgettable experience that they will associate with your destination. 
    – Make lasting impression on guests by creating favorable memory.
    – Creating memorable experience for guests can sometimes be as simple as demonstrating that you are aware of their presence.
    – Create customised signage to greet visitors at critical access points. 
    – Having eye-catching billboards on the highway could be fun method to say hello if your destination is drive market. 

  3. How to market your destination after the event ends 
    The idea is to remind tourists of how much fun they had at your place, to evoke feelings of nostalgia, and to entice them to return soon.
    The task of marketing isn’t done just because the event is ended! 
    This is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the momentum and excitement generated by recent event by generating internet interest and discussion.
    – Create recap post that includes user-generated visual assets. 
    – Allow attendees to relive the highlights of the event! 

    – Make review of the event that includes the highlights and incorporates the best photographs and videos from social media.

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