Gorgeous Little Toddler Gets Adorably Emotional While Watching A Cartoon…

Posted on Dec 17 2013 - 10:00pm by Joana

Isn’t it just amazing how small kids are incredibly impressive when they get all emotional. Like this gorgeous little girl. This adorable little girl is quite excited when she sees a penguin baby away from its mother.

A father recorded the moment when his daughter starts getting emotional and crying just watching a cartoon. The American filmmaker Travis Lupher from Colorado, was in the car with his 2-year-old daughter, Regan, when he realized she was crying while watching the animated film “The Chipmunk adventure”, a variation of “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” In the story, a penguin baby lost its mother and spends all the time in the movie trying to find her.

Very touched, little Regan does not contain the tears on every scene and gets the red face from crying. It is touching to see her quivering lips and tears streaming down her face. And even when the story ends happily and the penguin baby is reunited with its mother, Regan explode with even more excitement. Her father says that she could hear one of the characters saying: “She found her mother, yes.” The video, which has become viral, already has more than 6 million views on YouTube. And Regan even went on TV shows.

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