Fast House Wife

Posted on Aug 22 2014 - 8:19pm by Joana

Time to prepare this dessert is around 15 minutes.

fast house wife cake

Ingredients :

– 150 gr. walnuts

– 140 gr. chocolate

– 2 yolks

– 130 gr. sugar


On a cutting board finely grate the chocolate. Put the grated chocolate in a larger bowl. Then, grate thewalnuts. In the mixing bowl put the two yolks.

We begin to mix with an electric mixer and gradually add 130 grams of sugar.

Then add 140 grams of grated chocolate in the pot. Mix until the mixture blends together. Then add 150 grams of grated walnutsin the pot.

Turn off the mixer and mix nicely with your hands. We put the prepared mixture in a larger bowl and press it nicely by hand.

We take a glass container in the form of heart and put a little cooking oil in it. We grease the whole of the inner surface of the containerwith a brush.

With your hands take some of the mixture in the large bowl and fill the glass form. Nicely press it with your hands and turn upside down the glass jar.

We place the form on a serving plate and sprinkle it with grated nuts. Withcouverture chocolate decorate the plate in the form of rays. With this the cake quick housewife is ready.

Bon appetite!

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