Do You Know Why You Should Stop Using Weight-Loss Supplements This Very Moment?

Posted on Nov 3 2014 - 12:52pm by Joana

You must have at least once reached for some supplements for weight loss. I can not say anything because I’ve tried almost everything and now I can honestly say that I rather regret it because I know it’s basically a big scam. You probably thought it was so but you were holding on to that last straw that may allow you a few pounds less. Still it is not worth it!!!

Each supplement works only if you eat controlled and if you exercise, which means that for such action you do not need any dietary supplement. As I have already said that I tried everything from weight-loss supplements so I will try to convey to you some of my experiences.

weight-loss medications as a meal

Meal replacement

There are several medications that can be taken as a meal replacement. Swallowing a pill or a spoonful of something unusual that looks tempting but smells devastating and tastes horrible. With that taste in your stomach you lie down in bed hungry.

After several days you start to replace two meals for the same gooey mixture. Then you realize that you actually eat normal only your lunch, while breakfast and dinner do not exist. You wonder if you even need to eat anything other than those supplements…

Maybe you do lose some weight but the result of it all is the decrease in calorie intake by abolishing one or more meals, and that you could do without any supplements. And my advice is not to google the ingredients of such supplements as you will spill it faster into the sink.

pills for meal replacement

Pills that block hunger

There are a few products which are taken in the morning after one pill before breakfast. Since I am convinced that it is a placebo effect, a whole day of trying to not hungry because you have to drink a magic pill that blocks the appetite. After about five days, you realize that your appetite is normal when you eat stuffed burger for lunch and another 100 grams of chocolate for dessert.

Burning fat

They come in various colors and are usually alluring in a nice package. Quite expensive than other drugs, “which guarantees security.”

Hazard fat burners at least in my case can not be measured. Commonsense question is: Does anything that you take in 18 pills a day can bring something good? Does a medication that changes the normal body temperature is beneficial or harmful?

While taking them, the organs are processing huge amounts of chemicals in the course of each day. And then starts the feeling of terrible acidity in the stomach that accompanies you every day until you drink a whole box of 100-150 pills.

Heart skips and occurs mild arrhythmia but that is “how it should be.” And what is worst, I had not lost weight because I was eating junk food regardless of daily practice. So again only moderate diet is the key and the supplement is irrelevant.

I told you everything. And you carefully consider your goals in life and to what extent should you go. I hope that you, even though you may have had in mind any of this above to try, however, to realize that this is a mistake. You do not need any chemicals to lose weight. Eat clean!

loosing weight with pills

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