Become a WORLD-CLASS COOK NOW! Cute Little Potato Ships

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 1:36pm by Joana

It’s Saturday night and you and your friend decided to spend the evening in your apartment with a friendly chitchat instead of partying until the late hours. But you haven’t decided what to prepare as a nice and tasty snack. Don’t worry because here is one simple and very easy meal that your friends will love it and even ask you the recipe 🙂 Check out these cute little boats made of potatoes.

Baked Potato Ship With Eggs And Avocado

They are very easy to prepare and you can use everything you have in the fridge according to your imagination.

We will provide you only with the recipe for how to bake a perfect potato. After that, we leave it all to your creativity and resources on how you fill the potatoes with various mixtures

Here is how you can prepare a perfectly baked potato


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