Posted on Sep 4 2014 - 2:58pm by Joana

This is the right refreshment full of vitamins that provides a lot of energy.

A cocktail of mango with a taste of cloves. If you are not a fan of mango or it’s too expensive for you as a great substitute you can use bananas.

cocktail with mango and clove


  • 300 g of mango
  • 500 ml yogurt
  • 50-60 g brown sugar
  • few cloves


1. Cut the mango into small pieces. If you don’t have fresh mango can do a nice job with a canned one.

  1. Put it in a food processor or a hand blender. Blend it to get a mushy mixture.

3. Mix it with the yogurt and the brown sugar. Mix well.

4. For additional charm serve this drink with a little sprinkle of cloves.

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