Beautiful Beaches and Vineyards, Mountain Trails, and Medieval Castles are among the top five little towns in France

Posted on Dec 8 2021 - 2:49pm by Joana
Being little village in country with one of the world’s most famous cities must be difficult. 
While Paris receives the most of the attention (and the majority of the tourists), astute travelers, both French and foreign, arrange trips to some of the country’s lesser-known sites, many of which are little towns.


The little town of Cassis, located between Marseille and Toulon in southern France, is often overlooked in favor of glitzier 
beach resorts (we’re looking at you, Saint-Tropez). 
Some people, however, overlook charming fishing harbor surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs and pebbly beaches. 
The town itself features pastel-colored palette of buildings and diverse array of sidewalk cafes ideal for people-watching.

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Eguisheim, located immediately south of Colmar and on the French-German border, is historic village with half-timbered buildings, small lanes, and Middle Ages castles. 
If the old architecture and structures of Eguisheim aren’t enough to entice you to come, the Alsace Wine Route, of which the town 
is part, might.

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Vogüé, with its oh-so-French name, is located near the lovely Parque Natural Regional de los Montes de Ardecha, directly on the Ardèche river. With cobblestone alleys, a medieval castle, and limestone cliffs that seem to spring straight out of the lake, the village is as gorgeous as it gets. (As an added bonus, if you visit in the fall, you might be able to witness the harvesting of chestnuts, a major product in the area.)

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Îles d’Hyères

You can take ferry from Toulon to Porquerolles, the largest of the three Hyères Islands (Îles d’Hyères). 
Porquerolles’ beaches are amazingly smooth, the snorkeling is fantastic, and the vistas are breathtaking – the island sits just off the 
French Riviera.

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According to local survey, this tiny hamlet, located directly on the French-German border, gained name for itself when it was chosen the “most liked” community in France by French TV show. 
Historic timber buildings, adjacent vineyards, and an atmosphere that combines the best of France and Germany can be found 
inside the town limits.

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