Baby WAKES UP From Her Sleep To Dance In GANGNAM Style!

Posted on Dec 17 2013 - 2:27pm by Joana

This cute little baby called Amaya wakes up from her sleep at the backseat of the car for a very important reason. She was fast asleep while having a nice car ride when suddenly she got the most effective wake up call – Oppa Gangnam Style!!!

Little Amaya is able to sleep through almost anything but her favorite song. The second that she hears this song she is wide awake and starts dancing with her arms and legs in her own unique version of Gangnam style! Her older sister is obviously Amaya’s biggest fan as she cannot stop laughing and enjoying the amazing performance.

Even Psy couldn’t do better than that. Watch the great video bellow and check out her adorable reaction of the mega popular hit. Enjoy the Gangnam show folks! 🙂

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