ALMOST Had a HEART ATTACK – EXTREMELY FUNNY Translations – You Will Fall Out of Chair!

Posted on Oct 5 2014 - 8:12pm by Joana

Please be kind and don’t interrupt the process.

execution in progress - translation fail

So in case you don’t know, garbage is not only toxic but also evil.

garbage - chinese translation fail

Please when you slip and fall down, do it very carefully. That way your but won’t hurt that much 🙂 LOL

traffic sign - chinese translation fail

Anyone interested? 🙂

take free titty - chinese translation fail

How thoughtful!

chinese translation fail - don't touch yourself

The offer of the day. Come and get it!

fresh crab - chinese translation fail

For lovers of unique flavors.

chinese menu chicken translation fail

Words fail me to comment on this.

stuffed pussy - translation fail

I wonder what actually is the first type of chicken.

fried rice recipe - translation fail

This is a special kind of tourist attraction. Must see! 🙂 LOL

road sign - chinese translation fail

Must be Black Friday…


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