ALMOST Had a HEART ATTACK – EXTREMELY FUNNY Translations – You Will Fall Out of Chair!

Posted on Oct 5 2014 - 8:12pm by Joana

Many languages in the world have words that sound funny to us when we hear them. A lot of them even have funny meanings in our own language. And this is sort of natural, since that’s how languages were developed in every country and nation.

However, it’s a completely different matter when we face with translations of words in various languages that are totally failed.

What’s even funnier is the fact the people who made those translations are not even aware of the mistakes they did. They think that they did a good job, not knowing what the things they wrote even mean. But, on the other hand, God bless these people because they are giving us the most hilarious laughing, and you know that laughter is healthy.

So to lighten your day and cheer up your mood, here are the 25 most hilarious translation fails of all time. We’re going to be completely honest with you – we have absolutely no idea what the translators of these words and sentences tried to say. Nevertheless, their “creations” are absolutely amazing! 🙂
Here we go…

Red-line district specialty 🙂

soup for sluts - translation fail

Here Adolf, KKK and the guys used to gathered around to organize their plans.

racist park - translation fail

You have to be very quiet when walking around in this park.

do not disturb grass - translation fail

Anyone for some delicious Russian ice cream?


I’m sure the chef that made this soup is a very popular guy where he lives.

translation fail - asian meal

With love from Germany! 🙂 LOL

german meal - chinese translation fail

The best food for moms! For the ones who eat meat and vegetarian 🙂

indian food - translation fail


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