ALMOST FELL OUT OF CHAIR: Phenomenal Wedding Dance Of A Mother And Her Son!

Posted on Dec 26 2013 - 12:11pm by Joana

More than 4 million views and thousands of shares – this is the world’s reaction after a mother and her son sought to create a custom wedding dance.

Kathy has her own dance studio, so it is not surprising that she accepts with joy the unusual choreography that her son Blake offers to do for his wedding.

The two begin a slow waltz, swaying at the beautiful love song Unforgettable”. After about a minute the music stops. Blake and Katie are looking surprised, but only a moment later “I want you back” of the Jackson 5 hits the speakers and they immediately applied the well-rehearsed movements.

The two “facilitators” of the unconventional dance say they decided to do it this way weeks before the big event. In spite their busy everyday life about the wedding, Kathy and Blake managed to find time every Sunday afternoon and plan the whole thing. See for yourself what we are talking – it is definitely worth it!

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