7 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure!

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 1:23am by Joana

High blood pressure is a problem with which many people are facing, and can lead to long-term consequences for the human health.

High blood pressure can cause heart attack, stroke and diseases of the blood vessels! Problems with high blood pressure has almost every third person.

There some simple tricks with which you can help yourself to lower your high blood pressure. These methods are not expensive and include exercise, diet and changing your lifestyle.

Practice power walks every day

One of them is to accelerate the pulse every day. Walk, run, practice aerobics or other exercises. This applies to everyone, but is especially important for people with high blood pressure. Take at least 30 minutes a day of exercise that will speed up the pulse and breathing.
Eliminate extra pounds


Regular exercise is a great way how to lower the high blood pressure. It takes at least half an hour to one hour of training, several times a week to have successful results. Of course, with exercise you maintain your weight, which on the other hand affects your blood pressure. Exercise will enable your heart to use oxygen more efficiently, so it won’t have to work that much to pump up blood.

Remove alcohol from your diet

Reduce the intake of alcohol in your body. It does not do any good to your health. An ideal case would be to completely stop consuming alcohol…


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