4 Paradoxical Signs Whether You Have Clogged Arteries And What Foods To Eat For This Condition!

Posted on Nov 24 2012 - 12:05pm by Joana

Over 700,000 people in the U.S. are hospitalized every year with a diagnosis of “myocardial infarction” and nearly 400,000 die from coronary heart disease (CHD)!!!

To prevent the heart disease in the patient is the main purpose of every doctor, and early detection of the disease is the next meaningful goal. Recognition of the disease at an early stage of its development may lead to changes in lifestyle and medical therapies that can delay or prevent the onset of myocardial infarction. Nearly 80 percent of heart disease can be prevented by lifestyle changes. Many of the patients are shocked to learn of the following signs of clogged arteries ─ atherosclerosis is a major cause of heart disease.

  1. Erectile dysfunction may signal clogged arteries

Men have built in their body a system for warning of the possible presence of the “silent killer” ─ coronary heart disease. If for a man becomes difficult or impossible to get an erection, this may be a signal of clogged arteries in the pelvis, which usually takes place before the heart attack.

  1. Baldness may be a sign for clogged arteries

In the new and integrated comprehensive study of nearly 37,000 men, the presence of baldness on the crown of the head at any age accurately predicted the presence of the “silent killer” ─ CHD. In another study involving more than 7,000 people (including 4,000 women), moderate to severe alopecia was associated with a doubling of the risk of death from heart disease in both sexes.

bald man

  1. Ear crease also may be a signal for clogged arteries

One of the strangest markers of clogged arteries – a crease on the earlobe (especially if it is at an angle diagonally from the ear canal to the lower edge of the ear lobe


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