30 Signs Your MOTHER Is The BEST PERSON In Your Life!

Posted on Jan 25 2014 - 2:07pm by Joana

She will prepare your favorite food and avoid things that you don’t like.

Moreover, she will restrict you from some items if she notices that you are getting fat, but she will always be there to tell you how beautiful you are.

She will always let you have the last cookie or a piece of cake, even though she would secretly like to have it as well.

She will never judge you about your annoying habits, but try to advise you on them.

She will sometimes surprise you with a great present, just because she knows that it will make you happy.

Since you are the most important person in her life, she will never screw you over a man.

She will support your decisions and encourage you to reach your goals.

Also, she will help you stay true to your passions.

She will help you face your cheating boyfriend when you are not strong enough to do so.

She will do anything to make you happy and stand beside you when everyone else will walk away.

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