20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coca-Cola

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 4:18pm by Joana

When someone mentions Coca- Cola probably you think about one the most recognized brands in the world. And we don’t blame you for that. Coca-Cola has been working on presenting itself like something more than a drink. When you drink Coca-Cola you are not just consuming drink, you are consuming a way of life, an experience.

There are plenty of reasons why you are consuming Coke, but did you know that there are several reasons why you shouldn’t drink Coca-Cola. Have you ever wondered about Coca-Cola’s ingredients. Well, some researches have shown that the acidity level of Coke is almost on the same level as the acid in the batteries. Maybe  the fact that you are not consuming just drink is true, because while consuming Coke you are consuming acid. In the following we will present you 20 reasons why you shouldn’t drink Coca-Cola.


A group of doctors and experts have made a research about the increased level of risk of stroke or heart attack for people who are consuming any type of soda, including Coke in comparison to those who are not consuming soda regularly. The research has shown that those who are consuming soda have increased risk of stroke by 48 percent.

Practical use of Coke – 20 reasons why you shouldn’t drink Coca-Cola

Knowing the fact that Coke can clean equally than a lot of household cleaners speaks for itself that Coke is poison for the human organism. This conclusion is true, because if we compare the pH levels of Coke (pH level – 2.5) and the water (pH level -7) we will notice a huge difference. The pH level of Coke is closer to the level of the battery acid which is 1. Other facts witnessing against Coke, how you can use Coke for cleaning instead of drinking it:

  • Coke can dissolve a tooth
  • It is powerful in descaling kettles
  • Coke can clean burnt pans
  • In a combination with aluminium foil it can make Chrome shiny
  • Coke can remove blood stains from clothes
  • By using Coke you can clean old metal coins
  • The acid which is part of the Coke compound can kill snails and slugs
  • Coke is effective against rust
    Coke can remove gum from your hair
  • Coke can clean your toilet
  • It can strip paint off metal furniture
  • 2 liters of Coke are enough to clear the rust from  a dirty pool
  • Coke can remove stains from vitreous china
  • It can remove grease stains from clothes
  • Coke can remove oil stains from a floor

What is happening with you organism after consuming Coke – More reasons why you shouldn’t drink Coca-Cola

  • Phosphoric  acid inhibits the action of sugar through your organism just 10 minutes after consuming Coke.
  • The level of  insulin is increasing significantly  just after 20 minutes after consuming Coca-Cola.
  • 45 minutes after consuming Coke, your brain center for pleasure stimulates production of  a hormone – dopamine. Same effect as the effect caused by using heroin.
  • Calcium is released through the  urine and your metabolism works slow because of consuming Coke.
  • The caffeine enters the body just after 45 minutes. Your blood pressure is raised.

I think that each one of us should think twice before consuming a Coke after reading this. If sometimes you have asked yourself why you shouldn’t drink Coca-Cola, now you have a reason.

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