19 Reasons Why You Should Use Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Home!

Posted on Nov 24 2012 - 3:18am by Joana

11. You can use it as a means for mouthwash: put in a glass of water a tablespoon of hydrogen and rinse your mouth, then spit the liquid and rinse your mouth with water. Hydrogen can also be used as a disinfectant of the tooth

12. To bring back the natural color and luster to your nails, soak a cotton ball in 3% hydrogen peroxide and rub well your nails with it.

In the kitchen:

13. Inadequately cleaned cutting board is a fertile ground for the growth of bacteria. Clean it thoroughly, without the use of strong chemicals, with the help of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

14. If you fill the sink with water to which you have added half a cup of hydrogen and in it you soak fruits and vegetables, the germs will be killed and the fruits and vegetables will stay fresh longer. Let leafy vegetables to stay in water with hydrogen for about 20 minutes, and the one with thicker skin about 30 minutes, then drain and place it in the refrigerator.

15. You cannot get rid of odor from sponges for washing dishes? Combine equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and warm water, and dip the sponge in the resulting mixture. After fifteen minutes, rinse the sponge.


For cleaning:

16. Against the mold: mix 2 parts of hydrogen and 1 part water, and put it in a spray bottle. If you use in on the colored surfaces dilute it with more water to prevent fading of color.

17. Use the microfiber cloth for wiping the windows and mirrors, so you will clean them without leaving any

18. Hydrogen kills the bacteria Salmonella, and is excellent for cleaning work surfaces in the kitchen.

19. You can also use it to clean the fridge. Apply it, let it stand and clean the fridge.

cleaning-with-gloves and sponge
These are just ideas, and you can find even more uses.

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