10 Ways Why You Should Start Every Morning Drinking Warm Lemon Water !

Posted on Nov 24 2013 - 6:01pm by Joana

If the day is known by the way we start our morning, then it is more than clear why we need to carefully choose with which to start the day. Have a cup of hot tea, coffee or perhaps carefully selected tasty and healthy breakfast? Perhaps you did not know about this combination, but top nutritionists have an unusual, but very useful combination.

Cup of lukewarm water with squeezed juice of half a lemon offers many useful things that you may not know. Here are some of them which we believe will make you get to try this “recipe” and see the beneficial effects by yourself.

Pitcher of cool lemonade with glass on table

For a better immune system

To all of us is well known the effect of vitamin C on improving the immune system and fight against chronic colds and flu. However, lemon contains potassium which stimulates the brain, nervous system and controls the blood pressure.

Regulation of the PH levels

Maintaining a normal PH value with the help of a diet is key to good health. Although lemon has a sour taste, during the digestion of lemon juice inside the metabolic processes it actually produces potassium carbonate which helps regulate the increased acidity. The base body is a strong and healthy body.

Loss weight

Lemon contains pectin, dietary fiber that reduces the desire for food. Mild water creates a feeling of satiety and reduces the appetite.

For better digestion

When talking about cleaning the body, water is one of the best ways for natural detoxification. Mild is even better. It stimulates the stomach and the bowel. Minerals and vitamins in lemon clean excess toxins in the digestive tract.

For clear skin

Vitamin C is good for the skin, teeth and bones. This recipe from half a squeezed lemon juice and a cup of lukewarm water will help you hydrate and help in the fight against chronic fatigue and pain.

lemon water with mint

For proper function of the lymphatic system

It hydrates the lymphatic system: allowing you to start the day rehydrated. When the body is dehydrated, it cannot properly perform all of its functions, leading to accumulation of toxins in the body, stress, constipation, etc.

Lemon water is a natural diuretic

It is a natural diuretic and helps to discard unnecessary fabrics because it increases the need to urinate, and thus the body is relieved of toxins faster.

Helps with hangover

A cup of lukewarm water with lemon juice cures headache and also calms the stomach. Drinking warm lemon water has an antiseptic action, which detoxifies the body after consuming large amounts of alcohol.

It refreshes your breath

Lemon water is a very effective tool for refreshing your breath, especially after eating spicy foods and smoking cigarettes.

It stimulates the brain and nervous system

Lemon water contains a lot of potassium. Lower levels of potassium are associated with the occurrence of depression, anxiety and quickly forgotten. Ascorbic acid in lemon provides resistance of the body to stress.

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